A couple of nights ago we had 30 some people here to pray and lift up Chris, Gabby and I. It was amazing! 5 of Chris’s students came from his 7th grade class and most of them were all about holding Gabby. There were some from our old church we attended who are still continually praying for Chris and our pastor as well as other friends from our new church at Ada Bible. School was cancelled early that day because the roads were getting bad. We had many people text or call us to let us know that they can’t make it but that they would be praying. We were surprised how many people were able to make it. After a half hour of deserts, drinks and fellowship we gathered in the living room, us on the couch, the students kneeling on the rug, and friends crowding out of the doorway. Dan Wright, our pastor, prays and then Daniel, Chris’s best friend. Susan, our next door neighbor prays and then a parent of one of Chris’s students prays. An incense of prayers burns for over an hour. Beautiful, genuine, desperate prayers are heard by the ears of Almighty God. I know I will remember that night for the rest of my life.

The day after, on our way to Detroit, we got word that one of our friend’s sister created a Facebook prayer event to pray for us at 12:30, the time of our appt. and over 250 responded to say that they would be praying.  Our appointment in Detroit was a downer. The one trial we were hoping to get into was full and no openings were available. The second trial they needed to send out a biopsy to see if Chris qualified. We would find out next Monday. On the way back to Lansing with Chris, his mom and Gabby I felt so discouraged and I pretty much was a downer all day. I was very tempted to think, “What was the point of last night and everyone praying for us today if we got news like this.” I did have this thought, it was apart of how I was feeling, but in my head, I knew it to be a complete lie. God is not a magical genie that will give us what we want  and how we want it. Yes, He loves Chris and Yes, He heals, but it has to be in His time and His way. Its easy to forget that healing may not always mean physical healing.

Chris has always said, when he dies, whether it is sooner or later, he wants the gospel shared at his funeral so all of the many students he has taught will hear God’s truth and have the chance to respond in following Him. Would this not result in even greater healing then Chris’s physical body? It is hard for us to see it but I know that in the eyes of God, it would. And when we ask God to see things the way He see and love the things that He loves, He answers us and allows Chris and I to see how He could use Chris to spread the gospel by healing him and He could use Chris to spread the gospel by not healing him but in turn healing the eternal hearts of many others. He can only do this of course if we continue to faithfully follow and trust in Him.

Also, God knows and hears our desperate and pleading prayers. The honesty of our prayers brings us so much closer to him. There are only a couple of people I share those feelings of despair and desperation, those I am closest too. Same with God. Anyone who has a deep (in a manner of speaking) relationship with God knows what I am talking about. Can you imagine the even deeper relationship of those who are being persecuted all over the world have with God? Realizing this, I am incredibly thankful for having those times of desperation so that I may feel the comfort and presences of God.


3 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Beautifully written, Gina! I’m sorry we couldn’t be there for the prayer night as we were already committed for a Christmas work dinner. You guys are in my prayers often! Praying for new options this week and a safe trip!

  2. Your outlook and wisdom is overwhelming. I can only pray I would have your courage and strength if I was in your situation. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the incredible insight you have. Words are easy to say but to believe and live it the way you all do is incredible. You inspire me to give up more, and let God do his will verses me trying to get him to do mine. Please stay encouraged… you are so right that God truly has our best interests at heart, though we may never understand it. He will always get the glory. You and Chris are such wonderful friends. We love you!

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