“God Provides”

I love that I am required to have a life of faith.  I want to live where trusting God is just second nature.  I am beginning to realize that as I am going through a storm, trusting God is easier then the days of sunny skies. I have to trust God to take care of Chris and believe that He knows what He is doing.  I have experienced God’s incredible faithfulness as He has carried Chris and I for so long.

But we still have to daily give ourselves and give everything we own to God and know that He will take care of us. We had our boiler break a couple weeks ago and the house got a little chilly.  We were upstairs when we heard a woosh of water and then the sound of hot steam. We looked down into our Michigan basement and steam clouds were billowing up in the air as the hot water poured out onto the concrete floor.

A knowledgeable but expensive company came to give us a quote: $10,000.  It was obviously out of our price range, but we could make it work with monthly payments. We shared this news with a couple of people at our church including our pastor. I went to work the next day and Chris informed me when I returned home that someone from church who has a heating and cooling company has offered to put in a new boiler for us with very little cost of labor.  Our total bill would be $4,200! God was so good and we felt very blessed. I began to think how God always provides for us and despite the fact that our checking account would be substantially lower that I would still like to give to our favorite charities.  Chris’s response, “Of course, God always provides.”

3 days later the job was done and we handed them a check only to be told that someone else has completely covered our bill; we owed them nothing! Chris and I could not believe it! We still don’t even know who to thank. It’s a beautiful thing when a gift is anonymous and the only person you can thank is God. I realize now that when we give to an organization like Compassion International that the families who are served are receiving that gift without really knowing who gave and all you can do is thank God for providing and that He is working in the hearts of His people.

One of my favorite stories of faith is when the Lord provided breakfast for George Muller and the many children that lived in his house as orphans. They prayed and said thanks to God even though there was no food that morning to eat. As they finished their prayer, there was a knock on the door from a baker.  He asked if they could use some day-old bread.  Then a milkman who’s cart had broken down gave it all to George and his family because it would soon spoil. George never asked people for money, He only prayed and the Lord provided.  If you have never read George Muller’s story, you need to. He made choices that would force him to trust God, and God always came through.

A little more to the story . . .

Just yesterday, Chris and I had dinner with our friends including our pastor and his wife.  Dan, our pastor, told us the background story of everything. I had a contact from someone who goes to our church that gave us a card and said to let him know if we needed any work done on the house so I gave the info to Dan and he called him up. They were not able to do anything for the boiler and Dan was a little disappointed they weren’t able to help not knowing who else to contact. No sooner did he put down the phone that it rang with another member of our church who did own a heating and cooling company and wanted to see what he could do to help.  He contacted Chris and got to work right away on installing a new boiler.  It is so cool when God is working in the midst of His people, the timing is perfect.  A day later someone called Dan and told him they wanted to cover our bill. What’s even crazier is that our boiler is high efficiency and we will be getting a tax rebate in our return for a little less then what we gave away in the midst of it being repaired. Unbelievable!


2 thoughts on ““God Provides”

  1. I was so touched by your story and was glad to see you had posted something again. I enjoy reading your posts and have continued to pray for you and your family. My husband, Scott, had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and he did some blood work and told us it looked good His palliative doctor has his pain under control too. He will have a CT scan in six weeks to see if his tumor is still dormant. The doctor also said that the cancer will be returning. So, we have six weeks that we are going to pretend the cancer is not there. I have those same feelings you do about God not being a magical genie and granting all our wishes like we’d wish. If he granted all our wishes like we’d like, everyone would live forever without ever suffering and when I think about it, that is what Heaven is. So, we pray that it is in His hands and we trust Him to help us through these trying times. Our pastor once said that, “Fear is worshiping a problem instead of worshiping God,” so every time I start worrying about tomorrow, I focus on God and I give it all to him.

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