How My Wife Being CURED of #Cancer made Us Doubt #God #christianity #atheism

How My Wife Being CURED of #Cancer made Us Doubt #God #christianity #atheism.

My Response:

Thank you for sharing your story and your life. 9 years ago my husband got that same call that he had melanoma. He went through surgeries and intense chemotherapy treatments. He was in remission for 4 years and then it came back as stage 4 melanoma. Since 2009 we have been trying many experimental trials and other forms of treatment. Right now I am sitting at a cafe in the hospital he is at. He has been having many complications and is very weak. We might be kicked of the trial we are now on and it is his last option for treatment.

I have never felt the love of God more stronger then in this valley I am walking through right now. Any day I could loose my husband, my best friend in the entire world, the father to my 9 month old and every day is painful and difficult. But when my husband and I realized years ago that being a follower of Jesus is not about how we feel and what he “owes” us your whole life changes. You are not living for your self and your own needs or comforts. A true follower loves and follows God despite pain and heartache. Jesus sacrificed everything and went through incredible pain to save us from true death, being separated from Him.

Its really really hard to see someone you love go through so much pain and we never got that “good” phone call. Even so, we still follow God. Its been an incredible and amazing adventure when you have no choice but to trust God, through treatments and also infertility because of treatments we have been parents to 4 foster kids, had the privilige of giving half of our income away to seen how God provided, and suprisizingly blessed with our own very healthy and very happy baby girl. We have witnessed true love from so many who have walked with us and taken care of us in countless ways. Its really neat to live your life without being focused on yourself, but it can be extremely hard to do when nothing in your life is going wrong. God is not trying to bring us pain and hurt, He is trying to bring us freedom from selfish living and the experience of real and true love. If I had the opportunity I wouldn’t trade any of this, who knows the lives that Chris, my husband has effected or the lives in the future that will be changed.


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