A memorial service will be held at 3:00 pm on Sunday, February 23, 2014 at Ada Bible Church (8899 Cascade Road SE, Ada, MI 49301). A private burial service will held at Lakeside Cemetery in Caledonia.

Instead of flowers we are asking that donations be made to Compassion International. There will also be a table set up at the church for donations.

If you have been touched by Chris’s life you are more than welcome to come. There will be plenty of room. 

Thank you and much love, 

Gina and family 




4 thoughts on “Memorial

  1. Hi Gina,
    Precious. What a special family you have/are. We have been praying for you all through out your journey as we have heard the need. Chris was always full of fun, joy and love of God, family and life. I always remember him on a run to jump into whatever was happening at NCCS. I pray you will see fun rememberences of your precious husband throughout your daughters life. You are a very strong woman of God as well. I pray God embraces you all with His peace and love at this time of your loss of an incredible man. I imagine there was great rejoicing in heaven upon his grand entrance!
    Your story is sweet and I thank you for sharing your heart. It makes me realize how shallow my walk is at times and has already encouraged me to draw in deeper to our Lord and Savior.
    Our love and prayers go out to you dear,
    Carol and Randy Tepatti

    • Thank you so much for your message. I will continue to blog about what God is teaching me and my hope is that it will continue to be an encouragement to others 🙂

  2. For many years I’ve watched and prayed for your beautiful family. My first encounter with Chris was at Kraft, where I was working as a mentor. For some reason I needed to go down to his classroom. When I reached the door I asked one of the kids where Mr. Hinshaw was. This cutie patutti young man looked up and smiled this brilliant smile surrounded by a head of long dark curls and said, ” I’m him”. I truly thought some kid was trying to pull one over on me and asked once more where Mr. Hinshaw was….. It was then those laughing eyes of his met mine and I felt like a complete idiot. After leaving his room and going back to the support room, I sat down at Kathy’s desk and told her what a complete jack ass I’d made of myself. She assured me I wasn’t the first caught off guard by Chris and how well he blended into his classroom. I never stopped liking that special man from then on. I was surprised to learn of his battle with melanoma as my family and I was walking the same road with my own brother who had just finished a round of treatment for his third stage melanoma. God so wanted me to watch this young man, and I have ever since. I met you shortly after as you were subbing in the building, as well. I’m sure you’d never remember me, but my heart has followed you and Chris as though I’d known you both forever. My prayers have been constant as I watched as he went through so many battles with this horrible cancer. My prayers have been constant since he was called home the early morning of the 13th. For days I’ve sat here asking why there couldn’t have been a miracle for you and your beautiful Gabby. This morning I heard God speaking to my heart saying that Chris himself was the miracle. He gave us all this perfect example of a man living his deep faith. To have the courage to get married, be a husband, be a teacher who stood out as a mentor for all the beautiful children who so needed one at this awkward stage of life, to reach out and continue giving to his community as though nothing would ever stop him, to become an instant father to four children who so needed a strong, loving daddy in their lives, to never give up despite the unimaginable pain he tried to keep hidden behind that massive smile……all this he gave to me, just a random person watching from the sidelines. There are so many like me who have been made better and stronger watching and praying for him. Add to us all the people who were lucky enough to call him a close friend, colleague, family member, husband, son, father. You will most likely see many of us in the days and years ahead who stand to know that your husband lost to nothing. He won at life just as Jesus did. He left this world with a lasting reminder of how precious living and loving are. He won big time, and we so thank God for him.

    • haha I also look very young for my age and I have had the same things happen- don’t feel bad! I completely agree that Chris’s life and example was the miracle. God doesn’t always spare us from the hard things because going through them can bring him more glory. Thank you so much for your message and your words! They were so encouraging to me and Im so glad that God used his life to be an encouragement to you!

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