A boy loved

Dear Gabby,

Your Mommy likes to read.

I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do one day.

Right now I am reading a book about a boy who lived his whole life in a prison camp until he was an adult and then escaped. I can’t even imagine this happening to children now that I have you as my daughter. This little boy’s first memory was when he was four and saw someone killed, executed. He did not grow up with love, he grew up fighting his mother for food. He had to in order to live.

Right now, you have 4 teeth and enjoy crunchy crackers, discovering the juicyness of blueberries, and smacking your lips to Mommy’s favorite, Peanut Butter.

This little boy ate the same two things every day, corn and cabbage. He survived by eating his mommy’s food, the food he was given was not enough to live. When he grew up he scavenged for food, including corn kernels in cow poop. This boy is older now, but there are still¬†precious little babies who live like this today, or who don’t live at all.

These little ones plague your Mommy’s mind and heart constantly because this little boy could have been you.

It is quiet, and you sleep peacefully in the bedroom next door.

No worry. No Danger.

When you cry, I come and pick you up. We snuggle together in your dancing monkey¬†pajama’s. After a couple minutes you put your hand to your mouth and look up at me. Its your sign for “food please”.

Immediate satisfaction. Full belly. Needs are cared for.

After lunch we play with your Playskool Poppin’ Pals or your Fisher-Price Rockin’ Tunes Giraffe or your V-Tech Sit to Stand Alphabet Train. These toys are just at Grandma’s house, we have a ton more at home.

Active imagination. Carefree Childhood. Smiles. Laughter.

I can only imagine how much this little boy is loved by God and thousands of others who live like he did. I can only imagine how much it breaks God’s heart to see them suffer. The pain He feels for His beloved children has been felt by me. Your Mommy doesn’t know what to do but pray and give to people that can help in some small way.

As your mother I am beyond blessed to be able to care for you, provide for you, create a nurturing environment for you fully of learning and possibilities, and love you as a mother should be able to love her daughter.

I hope that when you are old enough to read all of my letters to you that my prayers and desperate heart for “the least of these” children has not diminished but has grown from what it is now. I hope that these children will feel like brothers and sisters to you for how much they are talked about in our home. I hope that one day I will be able to tell them myself that they are not forgotten; that they are loved.




The boy is Chin Sung Hyuk and his book is “Escape from Camp 14” An article and a link to his book are below.

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